BDJ-Logo-Blackboard-SmallBooks du Jour, 2014-16, TV Series (24 episodes to date)

To date, combined with Book Case TV, we have shot 60 episodes, and we are prepping for syndication as we are moving to PBS, nationwide. We are currently in pre-production with our 3rd season.

Below are the most recent episodes of my TV series, Books du Jour.  Episode #212, Helen Wan, Susan Strecker, John Benditt. Episode 211, Rick Moody, Mary Morris, and Julia Titus. Episode #210 features Mary Pilon, Charles Spencer, and Roger Cohen. Episode #209 features Greg O’Brien, Charlotte N. Markey and Jena La Flamme. Episode #208, Alan Hruska, Shari Goldhagen, and Amanda Vaill. M J Rose, John Oller and Alyson Richman are on #207. Jon Ronson, Jane Green and David Margolick are the guests of episode #206.



Bookcase-LogoBook Case TV, 2012-14, TV series (34 episodes)

Book Case TV started back in the early day of 2012, with just two people and one camera, in a cramped office space. Max and I posted our short segments (under 10 minutes) on YouTube. The idea was to release one interview a week. Five weeks later, we had a cable deal with LIFE 25 in NY for a 12 episode series, of 30 minutes. Because, no one else was doing books on TV, as soon as we started broadcasting in the NY Metro, requests from the publishing industry, authors, PR too, to take part in our program were overwhelming. After our 3rd season, decision to change our format to accommodate more authors was taken. Hence I created, Books du Jour.

We shot 3 seasons of BCTV, so scroll down menu to reach the others.