My writing career kicked off in the mid 80s. I have written in almost every possible genre. This section however covers only Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, and Translations. Cinema has its own page and comes in two sections: Produced Screenplays, meaning scripts turned into films, and Unproduced Screenplays which means what it means. Music and Plays (theater) have their own tabs as well. (They are different types of writing after all.)

Unless otherwise mentioned, many of the works listed below have been published, under my own name. I sometimes writer under Frank Debonair and Reinhard Grimus.

* Fleur de Peau, 1990 (novel in French)
* Les Témoignages Crépusculaires, 1997 (short story collection in French)
* Within the Without, 1999 (novella)
* The Bosphorus Hug, 2000 (novel)
* A Memoir of Absence, 2007 (short story collection)
* The Rain Crow, 2008 (novel)
* The Silent Cage, 2018 (novel)

Young Adult
* Barabane! Barabane! 1993 (YA novel in French)
* Nick Klaus and the Outmoded Landscape, 2013 (YA novel)
* Nick Klaus’s Fables, 2019 (YA fiction)
* Nick Klaus and the Room of Lost Footsteps, 2018 (YA novel)
* Nick Klaus and the Incurable Jumblelium, 2018 (YA novel)
* Nick Klaus and the Island of Broken Dreams, 2019 (YA novel)
* Jodie Baert and the Curse of Ladon, 2020 (YA novel)

* Les Recettes de la Famine, 1993, Environmental Studies
* “What Amounteth al This Wit? Study of the Role of Reason in the Age of Decay” (Montclair State University, 1997), Medieval Studies
* Reflections on Reflectionism, 2000, Film Criticism
* Bruce Conner: in the Estheticization of Violence, 2002, Film Criticism

* Platonov, by Anton Chekhov, Russian to English, 1998
* Justice Implacable, by A. M. Comley, English to French, 2014, as Frank Debonair
* Premier à Tuer, by Andrew Peterson, English to French, 2015, as Frank Debonair
*  The Wines of My Life, by Eric Beaumard, French to English, 2017, as Frank Debonair

Music Lyrics
* Songs of Angst and Pain (lyrics collection, 1988-95)
* Vogue au Large (for Soprano and Chamber Ensemble). Music John B. Hedges, Words by Frederic Colier (2003)
* Le Diapason D’humeur, three short poems. Music John B. Hedges. Poems by Frederic Colier (1996)

* Les Limbes Oscillatoires (poetry collection, 1985-94)