Troublebadour & Hyper Global Intensity

I currently played in two bands: Troublebadour and Hyper Global Intensity, the first one performs European pop music, whereas HGI plays a mix of noises and avant-garde contemporary music. Think Godspeed You Black Emperor or Ben Frost meets George Crumb with texts by Allen GinsbergHGI‘s sound is greatly enhanced with the participation of Serbian pianist Ionel Petroi. Unless otherwise mentioned, I composed and played all the instruments.  HGI‘s first album, “A-Carousel” is in the work. It is a project I have been meaning to do for a long time.

Over the years, I have written songs and tracks galore.  Here are some soundtrack examples written for my films.

Dinosaur ParkThis opening track is the Overture for my feature film “Dinosaur Park” (2010). Though I now have all the bells and whistles I can dream of, this piece was composed with a very basic  GarageBand.

The following track, Life in Paris, blends international voices: Middle-East and Celtic funky beats.

Vogue of Large, for Soprano and Chamber Ensemble,” was performed for the first time in 2006, though the composition was created in 1999.  The text is based on my biography of the same title. Composer John B Hedges took a segment of a couple of pages length, describing the rugged sea-beaten village, in Northern France  (where I come from), and set them to music.  This 9-minute piece was a side project, as we were working on a new opera, “Beneath of All the Above,” for which John composed the music to the libretto I penned.