Given the sensibility of the materials . . . best to contact me to learn more about the projects.

  • This Mortal Coil, feature thriller, drama.
    • M & N, feature drama, 2007. Version exists both in French and English, renamed 1975. Sundance 1/2 finalist for screenwriters Lab, CNC finalist (France), Winner Panasonic Award at IFP Market, NY, 2007
    • Overload, feature high concept sci-fi.
    • Made in China, feature drama, drama, feature, 2008. Finalist at IFP Market 08, finalist Berlin Campus 08, 1/4 Finalist Nicholls 09. The script went to Cannes market in 2011 with a Franco-Canadian co-production, which fell apart in spring 2012.
    • Seeds, feature sci-fi.
    • Jettisoned, feature thriller adapted from my novel, Adrift.