Reality has a way of catching up with the most inspiring dreams, especially when the end of month knocks on the door, and the weeks-long neglected mailbox brimming with uncollected mail and bills starts rattling under its own weight. Several pieces of my art and writing are for sale, and I’m always willing to take a meeting with a producer showing interest in my creative endeavors.



To see the list of screenplays for Sale, visit the story tab.


  • Do you know the Nick Klaus’s Fables? It is collection of fables, downloadable for free from the majority of online retailers. I hand-write the fables on drawing paper. One per page and frame them.


All photographs come framed, matted and signed. Unless specified, mat is off-white. Choices of formats, 8 x 11; 11 x 16; 16 x24. Glossy finish.