This page is about my creative arts for sale. Beyond selling books and music (see online stores), I also create individual pieces:  photographs, and handwritten short works: lyrics of my songs and fables.


Writing Fables

Have you met Nick Klaus? NK is about to release his first collection of fables. All original modern fables. For those of you who are into collecting art, you can now own your own unique fable. Purchase the book or check it out online, select the fable you love, and contact me.  All fables come hand-written, signed, and numbered, on a single page.

Writing Songs

Love music? Ever felt you would like to possess your own version of a song? I sell hand-written version of my lyrics. Purchase the song you love or stream it online, and contact me.  All lyrics come hand-written, signed, and numbered, on a single page


To access my screenplays for sale, visit the story tab.


All photographs come framed, matted and signed. Unless specified, mat is off-white. Choices of formats, 8 x 11; 11 x 16; 16 x24. Glossy finish.