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Author du Jour: Jesse Jarnow

“Heads,” by Jesse Jarnow (Da Capo Press, pp 468, $27.99) If you are a fan of books dealing with the history of salt, timber or something more exotic like sex, you will delight in “Heads,” a book about psychedelics. Though the term has now gained multiple definitions, notably in relation to music and culture, the […]

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Author du Jour: Nina Willner

“Forty Autumns: a Family’s Story of Courage and Survival on Both Sides of the Berlin Wall,” by Nina Willner (William Morrow, pp 397, $27.99) The title spells it all. “Forty Autumns,” is about survival on both sides of the Berlin Wall. If you know the history of the Cold War, you will quickly infer that […]

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Author du Jour: Saul Friedländer

“Where Memory Leads” by Saul Friedländer. (Other Press, pp 284, $24.95) If you remember the Pulitzer Prize winning book, “The Years of Extermination,” you will know at once that this review refers to Saul Friedländer. If you also know that he spent sixteen years writing his magnum opus, you could claim that he spent 80 […]

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Author du Jour: Charlotte Wood

“The Natural Way of Things,” by Charlotte Wood (Europa Editions, pp 233, $17.00) Though not her first novel, “The Natural Way of Things” is Charlotte Wood’s first print in the States. Better late than never, and it is wholly deserved. It is an intriguing book to come out at the time of perhaps the strangest […]

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