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Below is the list of current projects just completed, about to be completed, or in development.

Soulacious,” a dark comedy novel written with the best of Paddy Shaevsky and Terry Southern’s political sarcasm. “Soulacious” is the story of an ambitious concrete king who discovers that his soul . . .   I anticipate completion of first draft by end of year.

The Last of the Cicadas,” a full length play. Almost done with first draft.

Hotline,” a full-length play, completed the outline.

Sky-Scraped,” a psychological thriller, well ahead of schedule with completion of a thorough outline.

Jodie Baert and the Dragon of Ladon,” a Ya Novel, started to write the first draft.

This year so far, I have rewritten completely my MG novel, “Nick Klaus and the Room of the Lost Footsteps.” In the process of looking for a publisher.

I have completed my psychological thriller, “The Hidden Sparrow,” based on my previous screenplay, “Adrift.”

On the non-fiction side, “Post-Humanism.” Slow coming together, but coming together nonetheless.