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Author du Jour: A. Scott Berg

“World War I and America: Told by the American Who Lived It,” edited by A. Scott Berg (Library of America, pp 896, $40.00) Besides the inviting silky quality of the paper, this volume from the Library of America offers an impressive collection of articles, essays, personal stories, and declassified documents from WWI, from both participants […]

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“Trump’s Great American Suicide”

“Trump’s Great American Suicide“ Is America committing suicide? That is the thought swirling around the darkest recesses of my mind ever since Trump got elected. “Is America the Next Atlantic City?” is another. Though both strong contenders for my attention, they differ. The Atlantic reference suggests that something happened to the New Jersey town, which, […]

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Author du Jour: Alan Jacobson

March 2017. Only six weeks have elapsed since Trump took power, and what a contrast with the previous administration. The country seems to have been seized by the invisible hand of hysteria and neurosis. In recent memory, never a concentration of angry and vocal citizens has been so strident and quick to gather. In this […]

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